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A little about me – Wedding Photographer Hull

As you know, choosing your wedding photographer  is very important and so let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Abraham Overvoorde and I have lived in Hull all my life. It is a wonderful city which I know very well, I’m delighted it became City of Culture in 2017. My passion is photography and I especially love photographing in Hull and the surrounding area, I take photos as a hobby and not just as a job. I love to capture special moments whether for me personally or for my clients.

Aside from photography, I love spending time with my beautiful wife Lauren and we enjoy wandering around the countryside and English Heritage sites. Spending time with our friends is important and enjoying a good board game or a nice meal are among our favourite things to do. I enjoy occasional visits to the cinema and a good superhero movies is usually my choice of film. I also enjoy a nice glass of wine and a little but of country music to pass the time while I edit photos.

I love weddings

What a delight it is to be able to take part in the most special day of a couple’s life as a wedding photographer. It is an absolute privilege for me to witness and capture the tears of joy and happiness with family and friends sharing in this memorable occasion. My passion reflects in my photos and I create beautiful photos that you can cherish forever and that bring back all the memories of the day. Check out my wedding gallery here.

My style

On your day, myself and my other staff will come dressed smart and usually with a branded shirt ready for action so everyone who we are and can grab us for a photo if they like. I’m with you throughout the day and as well as my photography, I help your day to run smoothly but also ensure that you get some time to relax away from the lens and take in your day. At this point I usually take some candid or group shots of your guests. My photography aims to tell the story of your day while also including those shots that just say Wow! My work is edited to a high standard using Lightroom and Photoshop but my photography is not just about editing, it is ensuring that it right in camera, that is why I train and go on courses to improve my already high standards.

I like to think of myself as a very organised person and I spend time preparing for your day by, researching new techniques, planning shots, fitting in with timings and meeting with you to discuss  your requirements. Meeting with you at the venue is a usual occurrence where we can grab a coffee, get to know each other more and chat about the details. This also provides an opportunity to walk around the venue and talk about photography ideas. My desire is to reflect your unique personality in my photography day and show the connections with your friends and family throughout the day.

I’d love to discuss your photography requirements, so please do contact me on 07833447838 or send me a message.